Two Awesome Evenings In A Row

We had two awesome evenings in a row.  First, on Friday last – 15th – we had about 26 people come to Hope-N-Mic at NewNaz in Calgrove and then on Monday we had a repeat performance at Vincenzos Pizza on Lyons Avenue in Newhall.

Sadly, we did not get any photos from Friday evening but is was a great evening.  We had Les and Dave and Breanne and Elijah and Neil, Dave and Dirk and Rob (good to have you back Rob, we missed you !) and Sue Gordon and I can’t remember who else off the top of my head, but it really was a fun evening full of energy.  That’s not to mention the awesome audience.

At Vincenzos on Monday we had a similar group of performers and a large group of listeners, expanded unexpectedly by the Blue Lightning Soccer team with their Christmas Part !  The place was really buzzing.  I attached a few photos for you.  Hope you enjoy them.

Don’t FORGET – December 19th at 7:00 p.m. is the crazy hat Christmas Party / toy drive.  Before that we have the Christmas presentation – Two From Galilee – on the 7th and 8th.  Please come and enjoy yourselves.


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