Next Hope-N-Mic Open Mic Night August 11th

Summer has been eventful as usual.  This summer has been much busier than last as I find myself trying to work in time to play with my friend Erik of the Erik Anders Band and also part of a great classic rock band with awesome musicians and great people Tim Pinch of Tim Pinch Recording, Tim Baker of The Guitar Center and Robert Pierce.  You can read more about our band at The Convictions web site.  The Convictions recently played Vincenzo’s Pizza and, before that, The Newhall Classic Car show – what a blast that was, literally, with the wind blowing over a 50lb speaker on top of Dave Pierce, the fearless harmonica player !

If you haven’t seen or heard Erik yet, go to his web site at or just go out and see him playing at Suzys Bar and Grill in Hermosa beach.  He plays there most Tuesday nights but his next big gig is this coming Friday, July 29th when he will be joined by another excellent guitarist and friend, George Steele.  Erik and I played Lulu’s Beehive in Studio City for Bryan Chan (Delta Blues Guitarist extraordinaire) a couple of weeks back.  Wow, that was too cool.

Erik Anders and Dustin G

Erik Anders joins Dustin

As if that weren’t enough, I also sat in with Tom Lamog of fahrfrumgruven.west fame (check him out on  We played a couple of tunes up at It’s A Grind in Castaic.  Also part of the band that evening were Dave Fry, Arden and Ron Juarez.

Aurora and I had a great July 4th party for all the Hope-N-Mic plus participants.  Over 85 people attended this year although we missed some of our good friends from Glendale and points South.

We are seeing a few new faces at Hope-N-Mic these days which is always a treat so please come and enjoy the show.  We provide snacks and sodas as always and don’t feel you must perform, just come and relax and enjoy the music along with so many others.

Well, we look forward to seeing you at the next open mic.  If you would like more information please send us an email or give me a call at 661-753-7862.

Robert (and Aurora)

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  1. Electric Bill August 11, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    Yeah! Hope-N-Mic has rolled back around again. It’s always a pleasure to see folks opening up the gifts they have been blessed with and sharing with the rest of us. What a treat. Our God is an awesome God!! It’s fun to hear some of the good ol’secular tunes too. Brings back memories of the daze gone bye.

    Thanks Robert and Aurora and the rest of the Hope-n-Mic gang for doing what you do. Your commitment to this glorious service is VERY much appreciated. Hat’s off to you’all for such gracious hearts and your giving souls. 🙂

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